Professional Piercings

Ear & Nose Piercings

Ear Piercing

$27.50 to $50.00

Nose Piercing


Our Piercing Methodology

We are committed to making sure your ear piercing experience is the best it can be by providing the safest, most technologically-advanced ear piercing system available.

Integrity & Innovation

Our system safely & quickly pierces ears in 3 EASY STEPS using a gentle, hand-pressured instrument and sterile, pre-sealed, hypoallergenic piercing earrings.

You may see other ear piercing systems on the market, but only Inverness (the brand we use at Prestige) has fully-enclosed sterile earring capsules for maximum hygiene & safety.


At Prestige Beauty Salon, our care doesn’t stop once your ears are pierced. Our Antiseptic Aftercare Solution (courtesy of Inverness) is specially formulated to help soothe & heal your newly pierced ears without the drying or chapping that can come from using rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Piercing For Kids!

We’re also happy to provide painless ear piercing for kids. Get your own certificate of bravery today!

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